Peer-reviewed paper (2021)

2021 got off to a great start with two peer-reviewed articles scheduled for publication in the leading journal on colour: Color Research and Application.

‘Tactical Urbanism: Colour interventions with purpose’ was a paper initially presented at AIC2020 – the annual conference of the International Colour Association, due to be held in Avignon but held online due to Covid-19.


Evidence-based colour interventions in the urban landscape are becoming more common in many countries and some have garnered the term ‘tactical urbanism’, defined as relatively low-cost changes to the built environment intended to provide a quick solution to an urban environment challenge. This paper reports on small-scale colour interventions that aim to calm traffic, prioritize pedestrian traffic, support safety initiatives, and enhance the urban environment. Inspired by both larger and small interventions around the world, the rationale for two proposed colour interventions in Sydney is described along with the findings of a survey conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed colour intervention designs.  

Access the paper via this link:

Tactical urbanism: Colour interventions with purpose. Color Research and Application (AIC2020 Special issue), Volume 46, Issue 3, pp516-523.