Radio interview – ABC 702

I was an invited guest on the James Valentine Afternoon show and we discussed, among other colour-related topics, the specific use of colour + design as an intervention in the urban and built environment. Here’s a link to the interview.

We discussed a recent research paper that I had the honour of presenting at the International Colour Association Conference and which was later published in the leading peer-reviewed journal on colour, Color Research and Application.

The paper, ‘Tactical urbanism: Colour interventions with purpose’, can be viewed on the journal’s website.

Evidence‐based colour interventions in the urban landscape are becoming more common in many countries and some have garnered the term “tactical urbanism”, defined as relatively low‐cost changes to the built environment intended to provide a quick solution to an urban environment challenge. The research paper reports on two proposed small‐scale colour interventions that aim to calm traffic, prioritize pedestrian traffic, support safety initiatives, and enhance the urban environment. Inspired by both larger and small interventions around the world, the rationale for two proposed colour interventions in Sydney is described along with the findings of a two‐stage survey conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed colour intervention designs.

Colour activations and urban colour interventions are a side project of mine. Through my association with the Colour Collective Sydney, we’re aiming to install two new colour interventions which formed the main topic of my paper. One of these interventions is planned for McLachlan Avenue, Darlinghurst and the other on the Pacific Highway, North Sydney.

I also had the opportunity of discussing my consultancy work which focuses on exterior colour strategies for commercial and residential properties. My consultancy work in this field differs in that I provide an evidence-based approach that incorporates an environmental colour mapping study and also links to local planning policies relevant to the property. I have since picked up a couple of additional consultancy projects that focus on developing façade colour options for properties in Sydney.

The interview came about when local ‘colour expert’ David Briggs was invited to comment on YInMn Blue on air. Unfortunately, he didn’t provide much comment beyond saying that there are many blues on various colour wheel models and YInMn Blue probably fit in between other blues on these colour models. I texted in to the ABC 702 studio and mentioned that the cool thing about YInMn Blue was that, aside from being a stunning new blue colour, it’s non-toxic, stable and doesn’t fade. It’s also more durable that other pigments like Prussian Blue and ultramarine blue. James Valentine replied to my text and an interview was scheduled in between my consultancy project deadlines.