AIC Brand Development Team

In mid 2019, I was asked to join the AIC Brand development team along with Ralf Weber Paula Csillag, Kazim Hilmi Or and Inez Michiels.

The International Colour Association (AIC, Association Internationale de la Couleur) is a society whose aims are to encourage research in all aspects of color, to disseminate this knowledge and to promote its application to the solution of problems in the fields of science, art, design and industry. The AIC comprises 28 national color organizations as well as numerous associate and individual members. The AIC has had its present logo since 1967.

The AIC Executive Committee requires a new AIC Logo and corporate image for digital and print media, that presents a unified appearance for web applications, publications, posters, stationary, business cards and all the other aspects of visual branding of the AIC organization.

The AIC brand development team was established in 2019 and met at the AIC2019 conference in Buenos Aires. It is steering the process of developing and implementing the new Corporate Image, and the tasks include: 

• Define the goals and specifications for the new AIC branding – Finalized in 2020, 
• Send out a call for submissions – Design Competition announced March 12; submissions close December 20, 2021,
• Select the best CI concept from the submissions in conjunction with AIC Committee (stay tuned!).

Deadline for submission: December 20, 2021.

Full submission details via this link