Colour in aircraft design

2015-03-Aircraft-Interiors Zena O'Connor

I was asked to contribute evidence-based information about colour in aircraft design for this article. The article appear in a trade journal for the aircraft industry.  ‘Design Psychology’ explored the various design factors that contribute to passenger satisfaction including colour in interior design.

In terms of colour, I focused on interior colour scheme  recommendations that provided a calm yet visually interesting ambience. This is important because long-haul trips can become boring and the interior needs to feature some variety of colour and design. However, some passengers may experience anxiety while flying and its also important that the aircraft interior contributes to a sense of safety and calmness.

I also discussed information about visual literacy as well as variations in sensitivity to environmental stimuli that can impact airline passenger experience. Some people may be more naturally aware of design details such as colours and patterns. While other people may be less so visually aware. In this respect, we all tend to vary in terms of how we notice or screen out environmental stimuli.

You can read the full article at the Aircraft Interiors International website.