Book chapter – Power and Identity

Proud to have contributed a book chapter to ‘A Cultural History of Color’ (February, 2021). Several years in the making, the six-volume set is published by Bloomsbury, London, and my chapter is ‘Color, Power & Identity’ in the ‘Modern Age’ volume. My final chapter was submitted some years ago but it was a huge project involving multiple editors and authors. Thanks to editors of volume 6, Anders Steinvall & Sarah Street!

A Cultural History of Color presents a history of 5000 years of color in western culture. The first systematic and comprehensive history, the work examines how color has been perceived, developed, produced and traded, and how it has been used in all aspects of performance – from the political to the religious to the artistic – and how it shapes all we see, from food and nature to interiors and architecture, to objects and art, to fashion and adornment, to the color of the naked human body, and to the way our minds work and our languages are created.

Chapter titles are identical across each of the volumes: Color Philosophy and Science; Color Technology and Trade; Power and Identity; Religion and Ritual; Body and Clothing; Language and Psychology; Literature and the Performing Arts; Art; Architecture and Interiors; Artefacts.

The six volumes cover: 1) Antiquity (3,000 BCE to 500 CE); 2) Medieval Age (500 to 1400); 3) Renaissance (1400 to 1650); 4) Age of Enlightenment (1650 to 1800); 5) Age of Industry (1800 to 1920); 6) Modern Age (1920 to the present).

For more information, go to Bloomsbury via this link.

The full set is available from Amazon £395.00 via this link.