Textile Design

Textile designs Zena O'Connor

After training as a designer at the Shillito Design School, I worked as a textile designer for Hexham Textiles, Bonds Coates Patons (the largest Australian manufacturer of beach and bath towels) and National Textiles.

I attended the Milan Textile Fair in 1982 and also visited key art galleries in London, Italy and Paris the same year. During this period, I created textile designs inspired by the works of artists like Bridget Riley, Victor Vasarely, Emilio Pucci, Linda Jackson and Jenny Kee as well as Japanese woodblock prints by artists like Hokusai and Yoshida.

The images featured on this page were manufactured and marketed as beach towels in the late 1980s.  The images above are gouche textile designs: ‘Linear’, ‘Grecian Knot’, ‘Waves’, ‘Linear’ and ‘Eclipse’

A selection of Bridget Riley’s works are in the collection of the Tate Gallery, London.  A selection of Victor Vasarely’s works are in the collection of the Vasarely Foundation.

‘Waves’ textile design.

Waves 1985 Zena O'Connor

‘Linear’ textile design.

Linear 1985 Zena O'Connor - Copy

‘Great Wave’ inspired by Hokusai.

Great Wave Hokusai Zena O'Connor - Copy


‘Op Art 1’ and ‘Op Art 2’ inspired by Victor Vasarely and ‘Chain’ inspired by ancient Roman motif.


Towel design Zena O'Connor