Resene (NZ) Colour Design Webinar

‘Colour for Orientation and Wayfinding in Aged Care and Dementia Care’ webinar was live streamed on 28 May 2020 from Resene Paints, Wellington, New Zealand.

This was a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) webinar commissioned by Resene Paints, New Zealand.

The webinar attracted over 570 participants, predominantly architects, designers and specifiers.

The webinar focused on colour design strategies for aged care and dementia care. Specifically, the ways in which colour/contrast strategies can support environmental visual literacy.

Effective environmental visual literacy is imperative in aged care and dementia care. Specific colour design strategies enhance environmental visual literacy in these contexts and have the capacity to:

  • Encourage engagement
  • Improve orientation and wayfinding
  • Support the safe operation of daily activities

This webinar focused on the ways in which strong colour contrast improves environmental visual literacy.

Resene Paints provide a range of resources for architects, designers and specifiers. Specifically, Resene colour samples and fan decks always include Hex and RGB codes plus include details of the paint colour’s undertone. In addition, Resene colour samples and fan decks also include the light reflectance value (LRV) which is helpful when estimating colour contrast.