Facade colour scheme options

This townhouse project located in Sydney’s Maroubra presented a challenge when developing facade colour scheme options.

The townhouse complex featured a patchwork of different colour strategies:

  1. New colour details feature Colorbond ‘Ironstone’, adding a Contemporary edge.
  2. Existing colour details feature a ‘Heritage’ style colour palette of tinted Brunswick Green and Indian Red.
  3. Neutral colour scheme (predominantly cream) throughout the complex.

The aim was to create a more cohesive colour scheme that worked with Colorbond ‘Ironstone’ and also linked to the colours of construction materials: red brick and terracotta tiles. The existing facade colour scheme features in the following image.

Colour scheme development for the townhouse complex focused on the following:

  • Introduce colour scheme options that link red (brick) tones with Colorbond ‘Ironstone’ grey;
  • Use colour and tonal value to create a sense of visual cohesion across the overall townhouse complex and increase it’s ‘curb appeal’.

Three facade colour scheme options were presented to the building owners. The first of these was inspired by Colorbond ‘Ironstone’, which has a blue undertone. Three greys were selected, all of which featured a blue undertone that linked them to Colorbond ‘Ironstrone’. A second facade colour scheme was developed which features greys that had a neutral, sandy undetone. A third facade colour scheme option featured greys that had warm undertones, linking to the warm colours of brick construction.

In addition, townhouse facade colour scheme development focused on strategies to visually minimise details such as downpipes. These currently contrast in both hue and tonal value, and stand out against the red brick facade. To minimise these details, paint colours that share similarity with the hue and tonal value of the red brick construction were selected.

This facade colour scheme project was completed for the owners of the townhouse project in May 2020.