Greene King – Color Recommendations

I’m excited to work on a couple of projects with Greene King, the UK’s leading pub retailer and brewer, with over 2,700 pubs, restaurants and hotels across England, Wales and Scotland. The company has a rich heritage of over 200 years and their stated purpose is to ‘pour happiness into lives’.

My involvement focused on providing evidence-based insight on interior design especially in terms of colour application and allocation in the built environment with the aims of encouraging engagement, improving environmental visual literacy, and using colour to support and enhance customers’ experience at GK establishments.

Project 1 focused on recommendations for short term principles to inform decision-making around the use of GK colours as they are applied in various pubs’ interior colour schemes. Project 2 focused on detailed recommendations for colour specification and allocation for a specific cohort of GK pubs.

Greene King pubs include many historic establishments as well as more contemporary, high street pubs including The Prospect of Whitby which has been around since 1520 and is known as the UK’s oldest riverside pub. I’m hoping this consultancy job might involve at some stage in the future a pub crawl of some of GK’s historic pubs – check them out here.