Visual Literacy – Design Students

Visual literacy among first-year design students.

This peer-reviewed conference paper and presentation discussed the findings from an ongoing study into visual literacy skills and predominant learning style among first year design students.

The research study was a collaboration conducted with Dr Arianne Rourke of the College of Fine Art (COFA) at UNSW. The study received research funding: University of NSW SoLt Research Grant 082014 (2008). An investigation into undergraduate student visual literacy skills and learning styles. Research program with Dr A.J. Rourke. The results of this study found that design students do not necessarily have strong visual literacy skills.  In addition, the predominant learning style of first-year design students varies among visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.

The findings from this ongoing research programme helped to inform the content of a number of our books including:

Rourke, A. & O’Connor, Z. (2012). Effective use of visual materials in higher education. New York: Nova Science.

Rourke, A. & O’Connor, Z. (2010). Improving Visual Teaching Materials. New York: Nova Science.

For a copy of the conference paper, go to the FYHE website.