Signage Evaluation

Signage Evaluation of the signage program designed for Auckland City Hospital and the Auckland District Health Board (ADHB).

The new signage strategy and program was designed by the Design for Health & Wellbeing Lab (DHW Lab) in collaboration with the Auckland University of Technology and the ADHB. Malini Subramoney (ADHB), Eden Short and Lauren Stewart (DHWLab) headed up the team responsible for the new signage program. The team recognised the importance of designing for people of all ages, from different cultures and with a broad range of physical, cognitive and visual capacitites.

My role was to conduct a signage evaluation from an environmental visual literacy perspective.  I reviewed all aspects of the signage design from main signage boards through to directional signage and lift lobby signage.  My report addressed key issues relating to colour/contrast and environmental visual literacy, and how these can harnessed to improve and encourage engagement plus support orientation and wayfinding strategies.  The signage program is a well-considered and well-designed signage system intended to replace the existing fragmented signage system currently evident at this large city hospital.

A detailed report was provided to the DHW Lab. This report included an Environmental Visual Literacy checklist which revealed the strengths of the signage program as well as some options and recommendations that may further improve the effectiveness of the signage program. The team welcomed the feedback and input I provided – see their blog post here.

The DHW Lab is embedded within Auckland City Hospital and uses a Human-Centred Design approach to improve healthcare experiences for patients, families and staff. For more information about this great initative, check out the DHW Lab website.