Branding & Logo Design

In 2020, I designed the logo for 2120 Music Management, a business wholly owned by RZL Partners. The design featured a detail from a Resonator guitar owned by Americana singer/songwriter Lucie Tiger. Initially established in Sydney, 2120 Music is named after the location of Chess Records at 2120 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, and also the Rolling Stones song of the same name.

Logo designs Zena O'Connor

Bristol & Brooks (1994-2000) was a design/gift store start-up that was initially established on Oxford Street, Paddington. However, the calibre of the brand led to a tenancy in prestigious Chifley Plaza, Sydney alongside global brands Tiffany & Co., Max Mara and Crabtree & Evelyn. Branding, which was an integral contributor to the success of this start-up, helped to establish and elevate the business. The logo, designed by Naomi Britten, featured Copperplate typeface in dark green on a white background. The same dark green was used in the packaging of Bristol & Brooks, and the overall branding concept helped to convey a timeless yet contemporary trans-Atlantic vibe.

The Australian Cashew Company required a logo design that could maintain consistency and legibility across all platforms and applications including letterhead and packaging.  I created a simple and cost-effective black and white logo design in September 1989. A typeface in common usage enabled the easy replication of the logo irrespective of platform and geographic location.

The Europa Epic-cure logo design was created in 1987. The design was for a small business that imported and distributed Russian caviar and European smoked salmon. At the time, the client liked the combination of red and gold. These colours were considered suitable for the upmarket nature of the product range.

I was commissioned to design a logo for the technology start-up Vapocure. The company required a logo design that reflected the highly technical and scientific ‘vapocure’ process. In addition, the logo design also needed to convey a sense of reliability and hence variations of the colour blue were chosen. The company had a very successful public float and the logo was registered as an Internationally trademark in 1984 as per the IPAustralia website.