Deicke Richards Colour Sessions

It was a treat to deliver some colour sessions at Deicke Richards Architects and spend a day with the team in Brisbane.

In Session #1, I started the session by recapping colour fundamentals. This was followed by a colour sorting activity. The aim of the activity was to highlightthe differences in responses to colour. We also examined some specific colour strategies for external and interior application in educational facilties.

In Session #2, we began with an overview of colour psychology strategies. This was followed by specific colour strategies for aged care and dementia care. In particular, we focussed on the roles that colour and contrast play in improving environmental visual literacy. We also discussed the ways in which colour encourages engagement and supports orientation and wayfinding strategies.

In between these two sessions, I spent time with some of the firm’s architects and designers. We looked at a couple of specific projects, including a school building for children with special needs and affordable housing for over 55s. Both projects feature exterior colour accents on facades and I provided some alternative ideas about colour selection and allocation.

I was impressed with the creativity of the team at Deicke Richards. They are a welcoming, friendly team who are all dedicated to their creative practice. An award-winning team, they recently won a State Commendation for their project, Kawana Waters Aged Care Residence at the AIA Awards.